Specialising in architectural photography and landscapes

My portfolio exhibits a selection of commercial and personal work from the last decade.


fine art

The fine art collection is my portfolio of international architecture, created with a unique vision that separates my style from traditional architectural photography.


As a qualified Architect I am very familiar with the construction industry, and know the value of good photography. I have worked with developers, estate agents and international investors to assist with property sales.


Based in Sussex, I have scoured the coast for inspiring landscapes and seascapes, as well as further afield. My Youtube channel takes you on a journey, showing what is required to achieve my results. 

Architecture on my travels


I appreciate buildings with or without a camera, however I am always travelling as much as possible to see new cities. I often choose the location of a holiday based around a building that I want to visit and appreciate all genres of architecture. 



I have been in Brighton since 2002 and there is plenty to photograph. My Brighton portfolio concentrates on landscapes and seascapes, typically at sunrise and sunset. As an Architect I gravitate towards landmarks, buildings and piers, but include the sea wherever possible. Check out my collection for my favourite images of the last decade.



My black and white portfolio exhibits some of my finest landscapes and seascapes, all with dramatic skies that condense several minutes into a single exposure. The results are ethereal and blur the perception of time. 



Infrared photography is a specialist genre that makes you look twice. At first it looks like a snowy scene, but on closer inspection you realise that the images have been captured in the height of summer. I have converted one of my cameras to permanently shoot infrared, which makes leaves and grass glow and pushes skies and water into darkness.



There is a new world to be discovered through a macro lens. Everyday items become art when magnified 5x. Discover the unseen world in my macro portfolio.



My aim here is to make you ask the question, 'what is it' and then 'how did he do that?'. This portfolio is a selection of clever camera techniques and ideas.



My work has been printed in various places, from architecture books to photography magazines; and on a larger scale gigantic bill-boards. My commercial work has taken me to Berlin multiple times, for location and lifestyle shoots, which have all been printed in large quantities. I donated images to a charity in 2016 to compile a calendar to raise money for a great cause, I have also won multiple photography competitions in recent years.



Starting a youtube channel


In 2016 I decided to start a youtube channel, for several reasons. First of all I wanted to share 'my journey' with people, not just the final image that I work so hard to achieve. Initially this revolved around creating a video of a typical landscape shoot, but more recently I have been creating tutorials on various genres of photography, to supplement my blog. This has evolved quickly into commercial video work for architectural clients.